How To Get Rid Of WGA Tray Notification ( Windows Genuine Advantage Warning )

The popup notification “This copy of Windows is not Genuine….”can be both embarrassing and annoying. Validation test failure occurs due to various reasons. It usually happens because someone installed a pirated [non-genuine] copy of Windows on your computer. If your computer fails the validation test then you will no longer receive automatic updates for Windows […]

Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 Secrets

Premiere Pro isn’t for the faint of heart, but whether you’re creating a family vacation DVD or your own “I’m-going-to-be-a-YouTube-star” y video, it’s the ultimate tool for video editing. We’re going to assume you’ve been through the “Getting Started” part of Premiere’s help file, so don’t get all acidic if you can’t understand the instructions […]

Do even older programs run under Vista?

Compatibility Of Vista Remarkably,many applications such as Nero could so far be started only with the program compatibility assistant, which in fact performs well. This makes the programs think that they are running on a older operating system. Games can be a problem though . There have been cases of games crashing every time they […]

Getting Rid Of Entries In the Start Menu

Getting Ride of Bulk Entries in Start Menu Sometimes, you might uninstall a program without shutting it down completely or something might go wrong during the uninstall process-and you end up with an item in the start menu that doesn’t work. You could reinstall the program and then uninstall it again The other way is […]

Recover Lost Windows XP Password

Recover Your Windows Lost Password This method can be used to change the lost password of a XP pc without knowing the current password follow the Innstructions… Start >> Run >> (type) cmd // this will open command prompt(type) net(space)user(press enter)(type) net(space)user(space)[windowsloginid](space)*(press enter) for e.g. : net user HOME *(press enter) [type] new password (press […]

Make Your PC Healthy

Use These Tips To Make Your PC Trim & Slim 1)Windows updates: We think This Part is Very Essential For Every One But Most of people Ignore this thing Through this your system will get all the latest fixes, patches and updates It is better to do who are using only the Original versions of […]

Windows Common Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows Key Board Short Cuts Use the ‘wild card’ (*) in system searches. It’s possible to find all pictures by using *.jpg, for instance. To list virtually every graphic on your hard drive, try *.jpg; *.png; *.gif; *.bmp. Multiple searches are possible using a semicolon followed by a space, then the next item. This works […] On Nokia Phones

Nokia With Flickr Photo Sharing Nokia has joined hands with Flickr with their N series phones. This collaboration allows Nokia users to quickly click, upload, and access photos from Flickr through their phone without using a computer. To log into Flickr, go to the Gallery and then to Images & Video. Choose Options and then […]

Add ‘Insert’ Option to CD Drive Context Menu

Here is the step-by-step procedure: Download the file from extract it and Copy to DLL file to the %windir%/ System32 folder. Copy the following code into Notepad: Windows registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/CLSID/{02A07E80-EFA2-11D4-8306-A 7EBD4C50C7C] @=”cDEject Context menu Shell Extension” [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/CLSID/[02A07E80=”C://WINDOWS//system32//cdeject.dll” “ThereadingModel”= “Apartment” [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/Drive/shellex/ContextMenuHandlers/[02a07e0-efa2-11d4-8306-a7ebd4c50c7c}] @=” { 02a07e80-efa2-11d4-8306- a7ebd4c50c7c}” Save the file with any name, […]

Enable Multiple Logins In yahoo ! Messenger

Do you want to use multiple logins on Yahoo messenger then here is simple hack to enable multiple login using single Yahoo messenger.. Enable Multiple Logins In yahoo ! Messenger. Open the Registry Editor by clicking on Start > Run and entering regedit. Navigate to HKEY _ CURRENT USER / Software/ yahoo/pager/Test Right click onany […]