Turn Windows 7 in to Mac OS X Lion

windows 7 to mac os x lion theme pack

New Mac OS X Lion of Apple operating system is really awesome, its look and graphics with enhanced styles is looking great. I am sure everybody like the way it looks. If you are a Windows user you may probably miss the chance to experience this operating system. But don’t worry there is an exception […]

FAT To NTFS Convert Without Losing Data

hard disk image

FAT file system is the older but still most popular one, but the only problem with FAT file system is you cannot store more than 4GB file and the slow performance. That’s why Microsoft released the NTFS file system the fastest and more reliable one. But there is a problem for the people who want […]

How to Open Mac Hard Drive in Windows PC – Free Tool

hfs explrer

My friend brings a new external hard drive in MAC format ( HFS Format ), when I am trying to connect this hard disk to my Windows PC it is not detecting and I have searched to find a solution but landed with bunch of useless and unstable applications with a huge price tags. Then […]

How to Resolve High CPU Usage Issues on Your Computer

high cpu usage

You may have noticed at some point that a particular program on your computer uses too much CPU space. So, why do some processes become CPU intensive at certain times, and, more importantly, how can we tackle the menace of high CPU usage? Possible Reasons for High CPU Usage Issues on Your Computer : Before […]

Causes of PC Application Errors and Tips to Avoid Them

windows errors

If you are a Windows computer user than you are likely to be no stranger to application errors such as DLL or EXE errors. Application errors are pretty common and can be quite frustrating, but the good news is that they are also easy to resolve. In this article, we will learn how to troubleshoot […]

Microsoft Bluffing People with IE9 Ad – Mistake or Intension ?

microsoft bluff proof

When I was browsing through my website I noticed a Google ad, and I am surprised it is a IE9 Ad promoting the new enhanced IE9. But here the reason for surprise is something else, IE9 ad text is showing as “Chrome”, the Ad looks like “Chrome – Download Enhanced Internet explorer 9 for a […]

How to Customize Windows 7 Login Screen

customized windows7 login screen

Windows 7 is the latest and secure operating system by Microsoft, it comes with a great look and feel and most of us want to customize it as per our passion and style. You can customize the Windows 7 themes easily, but how about the login screen, login page customization is not so simple. But […]

Difference Between Linux, Windows and Mac – Funny

funny picture

Obviously a lots differences are there between Linux, Windows and Mac, you can’t even figure out how many ?. This below picture is showing the funny difference between these giant operating systems, it seems funny but also its true :), this picture describe about how every operating system comes up with the updates and what […]

Find Invisible Friends on Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger can set your status to invisible to avoid people from irritating you. But still you can see who is online, this is really a good feature, but in-case if your friend is trying to hide from you, he can easily kept his status as Invisible. Then how-to find that he is in invisible […]

Speed up your browsing

Speed up Internet browsing

Everybody is using broadband internet connection today, but most of the people complain about the browsing speed, even it is a high speed connection, using some tips you can easily double or even better the performance of your internet speed, lets work on your browsing and surfing issues… Network pipelining This is a technique supported […]