How to build your Own Mobile Friendly Website

mobile friendly website

Smart mobiles and Tablet PC’s are ruling the world, where are you in this world, is your business website is mobile friendly. Is your website targeted for the location-based search. If your answer is no!, then you are losing a huge business without any doubt. Nowadays smart mobiles and tablets are available for dead cheap […]

Add Google +1 Button to Your Website

google +1 share button

Google released its +1 sharing formula to public, now it is competing with Facebook share button. There are plenty of websites already start adding this new Google +1 to their websites. Here is the way you can also add this beautiful +1 button to your website. Now it is publicly available at Google Webmasters. If […]

FAT To NTFS Convert Without Losing Data

hard disk image

FAT file system is the older but still most popular one, but the only problem with FAT file system is you cannot store more than 4GB file and the slow performance. That’s why Microsoft released the NTFS file system the fastest and more reliable one. But there is a problem for the people who want […]

How to Redirect Google Images Search Traffic to Your Website or WordPress Blog

google images search

Google Images is another best way of getting traffic to your website, the older version of Google Images directly takes the visitor to the image hosted page but the new version is showing the images in an iframe by blocking the website. So most of the users don’t go to see the website, but we […]

How to Export All Passwords from Firefox Password Manager


Firefox is the most trusted browser for 70% of the internet users, and its password manager features is one of the best in Firefox library. I am also using this password manager feature to store my passwords, so every time I don’t have to get confused while entering passwords, because I used to have very […]

Invite All your Facebook Friends to An Event – Hack


Facebook is the best and easiest way to connect with friends, but recently after a huge boom of social network sites, now Facebook is restricting people from sending out the notifications in order to avoid the SPAM issues, it is restricting the event notifications to all your friends at once. It has certain restriction around […]

How to Resolve High CPU Usage Issues on Your Computer

high cpu usage

You may have noticed at some point that a particular program on your computer uses too much CPU space. So, why do some processes become CPU intensive at certain times, and, more importantly, how can we tackle the menace of high CPU usage? Possible Reasons for High CPU Usage Issues on Your Computer : Before […]

Access All Social Networking Sites Statuses on Desktop


Are you a big fan of Social Networking sites ?, you spend most of your times with your friends online ?, then you must know about this application. Most of us may definitely have accounts in one of the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace. Every time you have to visit those sites […]

How to Embed Youtube Videos in Powerpoint 2010

youtube powerpoint

You are making a presentation for your business, and want to show some video demos to the viewers from YouTube, YouTube is the biggest source for almost any topic, you can make your presentation more professional by inserting some example videos. But unfortunately there is no such an option to embed the YouTube videos in […]

How to Read NYTimes Free

nytimes magazine

The New York Times is the leading news paper on online, it is free with bunch of valuable NEWS, but now the things have changed, you can’t read NYTimes free, there are subscription packages available for all the digital subscribers, the plans are… $15/month for the website and the phone app, $20/month for the website and […]