Few Facts about Google Adsense before you Step In

Are you a webmaster or want to become one in future, then probably let me guess what your plans are.. You want to start a blog and earn from Google Adsense, this is obviously the same idea of 70% bloggers, but the real question is that, how many bloggers earning properly from Adsense or any other advertising medium? and the answer is a very little bloggers only. Google published network is definitely a great way to monetize your blog, but you should know few facts of Google Adsense before you start your first blog or any other business based on it.

A lot of questions based on this subject used to land in my inbox everyday from bloggers, so probably here is your answer, also there are some bad misconceptions are there on Adsense as having an Adsense account can earn you thousands of dollars overnight etc. It is absolutely not possible until you have a plan to hack or do a big scam with Google ;).

Lets get in to the topic, also before I start on the facts, lets start with the few misconceptions on Adsense or any other publisher networks.

Google Adsense Facts and Myths

Few Myths and Misconceptions of Google Adsense:

1) Become rich overnight: From Adsense, you can earn thousands of dollars overnight. It is absolutely impossible until your website is CNN or any big news portal type site with millions of traffic.

2) Dollars for a Click: Google pays a decent commission on a click compared to any other provider, but the click value entirely depends on the type of niche and keywords of the advertiser.

3) Use proxies and fool Google: This is will be second choice of act by a lot of bloggers and Adsense publishers, they think that using proxies can fool Google. But Google is not so stupid to get fooled. It has robust technology to find such fraudulent activity. And you will banned in no-time.

4) Virtual Clicks can Get Dollars:  Obviously, if there is a technology, then people will try to exploit it and try to make few bucks out of it. The same comes to Adsense too, there are some programs or applications which send virtual bots to click on your ads, and don’t worry Google is not really that stupid to allow such things. As I told you earlier, you will be banned immediately.

Few Facts of Google Adsense:

1) Start slow and Grow fast: Like every other businesses, you have to start it slowly, that means you can’t expect to get your first check within a month or so, I have personally waited and worked hard for 6 months to get my first check. So things can’t be so easy, you have dedicate your time and work hard and smart.

2) Ad Crowding: Setting up too many ads in one place, didn’t bring you too many clicks, instead the user may get irritated because of too many ads. Try to set your ads at proper places, you can take reference of the Google Adsense heat map.

3) Grow your Traffic: Improve your traffic first, most of the bloggers tries to improve their ad clicks by placing ads in different places and experimenting other things, instead of all these your first job is to bring traffic to your website.

4) Make all your Ads Targetable: This is may sound a little unknown to the beginners, when you create an ad unit, there is an option lying inside that creation wizard to set your ad as targetable but to see this option you need to create a channel for this. This helps in better placement of your ads and as well as helps find interested advertisers to advertise on your site. Also this will let your website find under the ad placement tool for advertisers.

To create a targetable ad unit, you need to first create a new channel and select that channel as targetable and write a little about that ad and where do you like to place that ad. See the below picture for further instructions.

Ad Targeting in Google Adsense

Don’t Start if you can’t Keep Up: Earning through Adsense is not easy as everyone thinks, it needs a lot of determination and patience. You need work hard and bring the traffic to your website, later the success will touch your feet. If you believe that you can do all the above things, then welcome to the Adsense family.

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  1. Adsense is the one of the best solutions to make money online, but i am not sure it is the best

  2. google ban my adsense acc so what should i do ? :(

  3. My Website get disapproved by adsense team but i will still try to get my website approved and then i will apply your tips and rules to my plan and will look forward to work like a pro with adsense. Thanks for sharing though.

  4. Follow google guidelines. It might be that you avoided it and they have penalised. Google should have sent reason for ban.

  5. Hello Arafath,
    I am new to adsense because still Google has not approved my Site.
    But you have given great information thanks for it :) 😀

  6. Web developer says:

    I read and agree with this term about Google Adsense is very important. Thank you.

  7. Thanks Arafath for sharing such good points. These are very good for new and old Adsense users.

  8. Thanks for the AdSense tips. I wondered what realistic expectations should be and you helped answer that. I have not yet been approved for AdSense due to lack of content but I have been working on writing articles to build content and will hopefully get approved when I reapply.

  9. Web developer says:

    You do not mention the reason for the ban, they will probably send you an e-mail where it is forbidden, etc. However, fix the problems that you know, then go to the form, and explain to correct the error and ask for a new trial on the charge. Here’s a link to the form ..

    By Hi-Tech ITO

  10. Nice simple article! But it left many key topics that you did not touch, maybe reserved for later posts. Few things i wana know, as i recently started my blog, 1- What should be the number of unique visitors daily before i start to monetize my blog? 2- How do i make sure that most of my traffic comes from US and UK.

  11. thx for you.i listening

  12. thanx for sharing this information, but i have some more questions regarding adsense. i m new in adsense. i have blog on blogger which is sumitwords.blogspot.in. this blog is 8 months old and now google has approved my application for adsense. now ads are displaying on my blog. i m getting visitor on my blog but there is no revenue from those visitor. its been more than 10 days that my adsense is working on blog but till date i have earned only 0.10 dollar. please help to understand this and advice me further , thank u very much

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