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Google is rapidly changing its algorithm to make searches better, end content farms and low quality sites etc, its is really hard times running for some webmasters, you should be aware of what Google is up to?, day by day!. But how?, you can be up to date with the Google algo changes from some of the blogs like or etc. But is there any one who can give a real-time and faster update?. Yes, there are some tools available for this job. If you are in the field of SEO, then you probably know about, the very company provides a real-time Google algorithm change tool called MOZCAST.

SEO Whether Report

Mozcast will give a real-time day-to-day algorithm changes and its impact on the search results in the form of whether, so you can find out when its going to be a sunny day and when a storm is going to come. This tool work on the concept of a custom equation defined by SEOMOZ, check the below statement on how this tool will work from seomoz..

It all starts with this: every 24 hours, we track a hand-picked set of 1,000 keywords and grab the top 10 Google organic results. Keywords were chosen to avoid obvious local intent, are distributed evenly across 5 “bins” by query volume, and are tracked at roughly the same time every day from the same place. In other words, we do our best to keep the data set tightly controlled.

Each day, we take the current top 10 and compare it to the previous day’s top 10 (for any given keyword), and calculate a rate of change or “delta”. Specifically, we use two metrics – called Delta 100 and Delta10 – which measure the change across the entire set of top 10 results. Then, we crunch Delta10 across all 1,000 keywords and multiply the resulting average by a fixed multiplier (now, 28.0) to produce something that looks like a temperature (in °F). An average day is about 70°F.

This tool is a very good resource for every on of the webmaster, who wants to stay up to date with the latest changes of Google algorithm…

Embed Widgets in your Websites:

Another coolest part about this tool is, you can embed the realtime data widgets in to your website, so you don’t have to go everyday and open mozcast for daily updates. You can see the same in my website too..

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  1. SuhanaShaik says:

    That’s a good one Arafath, at least now I know, what Google is doing day-by-day. Thanks for the post..

  2. Happy to read this rare info. MozCast tool has solved my problem. SEOmoz always shows latest tools and tricks to help SEO’s.

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