How to Create Great Content That Performs Well in Google Search?

Create great content!, these words are very common for any webmaster searching for a solution to increase their traffic to the website. But, particularly it is difficult to tell how to do this exactly, what are the practices to create great content?. Google explained officially on this topic in the below video on building a great website with good content. In this video basically Google discusses about how to write content and how to make that content looks great to users and search engines etc.

Google always used to say that build great content which users loves to share and that is all enough to rank higher etc. Also I would like to share another news here, looks like a new update happen with Google Panda, I see some ranking fluctuations happening, check whether your website got affected or not?. Also post me if you hit by the update and share what leads your website to this situation.

Guys I have started a new sub forum on Google Panda and Google Penguin topics in our forums section, if you hit with any update and suffering with penalties, then you can post us there, we will try help you to fix those issues, it’s always a great opportunity to help you all. Please do not post spam link etc, as the entire forum is under moderation so don’t waste your time and efforts on fooling us. Just ask what you want to know and you will get you answers…

How to Write Great Content

Create Great Content by Google:

Also check this beautiful infographic on content creation, it has some great and valuable points. check this out.. You can get some more insights from this info…


Create Great Content Infographic

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