Identify Problems that Prevent You from Ranking Well

Identifying the critical problems which are destroying your website health is really difficult, too many errors will result in ranking drop. Search engines always want to deliver the healthy website to its visitors, if your website has too many errors then it will result in lesser trust, that means less errors more trust. Then what are the major problems need to be addressed while checking the website issues. If you want to perform a complete website audit then make sure that you should consider to check these below list of issues and fix them.

The below list of issues can majorly destroy your rankings, I have explained each and every issue in detail to make sure that everybody should understand about these issues…

Search Engine Optimization Audit

SEO Problems Check List:

  • Page titles and descriptions are present and optimized
  • Headings (h1 tags) are present and optimized
  • Your site doesn’t have broken links
  • You’re not delivering server errors to your site’s visitors
  • Every page has internal links (and not too many)
  • Images have alt tags (they help your Google rankings)

1) Page Titles and Descriptions:

Page titles are on of the most important thing you should not miss, whenever you are creating a page, ensure that its title is properly optimized, it contains your targeted key phrase also.

Its not all, second important thing is description, this will appear in the snippets. So have nice and informative description for any web page, the better description can lead to better CTR (Click through rate).

2) Headings (H1) tags:

H1 tags doesn’t have too much impact but still it will let you have a proper web page and content structure, use H1 tags for your titles or headings. Also ensure that it has your targeted keyword or key phrase, you can also make use of H2 and H3 tags, however those are optional.

3) Broken Links (404 errors):

One of the most irritating thing one can experience is, when you are eagerly searching for something and landed on a error page. I hate that, and everybody will.

Keep tracking your 404 errors using Google Webmaster Tools, and whenever you found some errors, simply use 301 redirection to resolve those issues..

Google Webmasters Tool Error Tracking

4) Power of Internal Linking:

Internal link will also let you increase your page authority, share your content across your web pages, but too much usage of internal links can also harm your website, as Google can crawl only 100 to 150 pages at a time.

5) Images and Alt Tags:

Images will give great look to websites, it can also help you in increasing your website rankings. But unfortunately bot can’t understand a image by its look, it needs something to understand, actually what is that image is all about!. That is something is nothing but ALT tags.

Use Alt tags to describe your images, also make sure to use proper and targeted key phrases to rank higher.

I hope now you know where to search  for your SEO problems, please do drop your comments, suggestions and questions in the comments section below. Also if you have any specific question for me, please ask us at our webmasters forum.

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