How do you explain to clients that rankings can’t be guaranteed?

It is definitely one big question running in your mind if you are an SEO or a SEO company, it is also really difficult to explain to the clients that there is no guaranteed ranking even after the SEO work?. How can you explain to them, will they listen to your explanation?, how do they react?, how can you convince them?. Don’t worry, all your questions are answered by Google itself, Google’s web spam department head, Matt Cutts explained that how you should explain this situation to your clients. Often I too used to get in to this kind of situations, sometimes clients are so specific about their rankings, instead of understanding about the real situation.

But as an SEO, I believe that you should not commit such false statements at all, which are literally not possible. Let’s check out what “Matt” is saying about this…

Rankings can’t be guaranteed:

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