Is Directory Submission still Valid?

If you are new to SEO or a beginner in blogging, then you must be aware of the term directory submission. This is a very common method adopted by many SEO’s and beginners, because every webmaster will start working on his SEO participation from these start up methods (because most of the times that’s what he found in most of the blogs and in few SEO related websites), but we should remember that we are not living 90’s, and we should leave this kind of old junkie methods, why?. Don’t worry, I have the answers for your questions!, before i give the answer, I want to ask you few questions on the same topic, just answer them your self and you will find the answers for your questions there itself. Let’s start…

  1. What is a web directory?, what it holds with it?.
  2. A web directory will help you in getting any solution or information?.
  3. Does a web directory will have inbound links to itself?.
  4. Does a web directory holds any authority in the search results?.
  5. Do you think a web directory will help you in sending the traffic to your website?

Now time to answer the questions, first answer these questions yourself and try matching with my answers. And here is my answers for the above questions…

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Facts on Directory Submission:

Answer1: A web directory is a website which contains the data or the links of other websites, it holds only bunch of links (which are almost new and low authority sites).

Answers2: It won’t help you to get not even a single information, instead it only provides the links of other websites which are most of the time unreliable or spamy.

Answer3: Who wants to link to a website which doesn’t have any kind of a useful information, so obviously what ever the web directories have some good page ranks, it is because of the links they have built for themselves. So obviously even those pages doesn’t have any authority.

Answer4:  Never, why don’t you try searching for some word or a phrase and try to figure out that, is there any web directory page is there in the results, I am sure you can’t find that at the 99% of the time, this is the time of Google Panda and Penguin algorithms which has changed all the SEO strategies and according to these algo changes, it only consider the top authority pages links as the good link juice.

Answer5: Please avoid this kind of myths at least now, no web directory can send you traffics, I am surprising that still people are even paying to get listed in the directories, know at least what you are doing…

After all this, are you still want to do the directory submission?, if yes, then go ahead and you are most welcome to waste your time and take down your rankings with the low quality backlinks..

I hope you enjoyed the post, let me know if you have any questions or suggestions in the comments section below.. or else you can ask directly us at our SEO forum.

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  1.  Thanks for letting me know. I will stop submitting to directories from today.

  2. Sorry, I don’t agree with you on your assessment of web directories in general. This may be applied to the free, unedited web directories but not for directories offering paid reviews for a listing.

  3. Thanks for Sharing This Great Post Dude.Can u Give me a Good List Of Australian Directories List.

  4. Building backlinks have become a lot harder than before. I also agree with Arafath, that directories might not help in direct traffic but it helps to increase page rank if a website is new.

    I am saying this even after a year this article was published because, there are still directories that are worth submitting to. While more than 40 % (not exact data) of directories themselves have been banned or penalized, there are only few left word submitting to.

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