Pillars of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the fastest growing trend, still lot of people not aware of the importance of social media advertising. People who are considering as a great social media marketers are not still aware of few basic and ground points about the social media, a lot of webmasters and social media experts are still doing the same mistakes, that’s the reason I thought of sharing few of my experiences and points about the social media marketing. Always keep one thing in your mind that social media won’t bring you the sales overnight, it is a long term process and commitment.

If you want to enter in to social media marketing and want to get the results immediately, then this is not for you. It won’t bring bring you the sales, but it will provide you to build a platform where you can interact with your customers and build a trust, this will grow like a chain reaction and definitely brings a lot of sales in near future. Enough of the story, let’s get in to the topic, here are 5 basic pillar points for social media marketers to make their social media campaigns a huge success.

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Social Media Marketing:

  1. Identity
  2. Association
  3. Conversations
  4. Provider-initiated Conversation
  5. Personal Interaction

Identity: It really matters in social media, I have seen this issue in most of the social media marketers, they used hide their identity, if you don’t want to show your identity then please don’t get in to the SM, you are here to build trust, increase your brand reputation and show yourself or your company. If you are hiding the identity then what is the use of it, so please be transparent, try providing the complete details and address details, so people can simply identify you and reach you.

Association: The costumers themselves have a chance to associate with company you are associated with. Through the identity of your association the user and would be client can already make impressions. This is really one of the best way of interactions.

Conversations: Conversation is the most important pillar of social media marketing, if you can’t build that pillar your house will fall down for sure, it means all your efforts go down. Make as much as conversation with your customers, tell them and assure them that you are always there to help them in any issues, this will build a great trust on your brand. According to me social media is mainly about conversations, this is the core concept.

Provider-initiated Conversation: If the user has the chance to ask question, the provider should also initiate the conversation by asking the client or user in a very respectful way. This will allow providers (I mean business owners) to interact with the customers and know their opinions and issues on their products.

Personal Interaction: Don’t step back if your client wants to talk to you or meet you, be open and friendly, always be ready to meet your customer and provide them the support they needs, guys social media is all about creating a trust, the rest will be taken care by social media, it is the power in your hand, you only have to know how to use it.

This is all about the pillars of social media marketing, please do drop your comments, questions and suggestions in the below section, if you have any specific questions please ask us at our SEO forum.

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