Maximize Adsense Revenue by using Google Custom Search Results Page

Most of the bloggers primary revenue source is Google Adsense, it is really a great platform for any one who wants to start their career with blogging. But most of the people are not aware few tips with which you cam make even more money with Adsense, it supports variety of ad formats like banners, text ads, link units and Google custom search. If you see my custom search, when you type a keyword there, instead of opening it in Google’s search page (which looks obviously weird), it opens in the same page normally like a blog search, and the results are also looks like all are just from my blog, this gives the impression to the visitor that the ads are also part of the results page. Refer the below screenshot, if you want to implement the same type of Google custom search page with your WordPress blog header and footer, then you read this complete tutorial now..

google custom search results page

Want to get the same results like above along with the proper ads, let me tell you what are the benefits of this kind of results page.

First its looks like your own pages, second you can set the links colors as per your blog links color, because of this people may click on the ads assuming that it is a search result (I know it is a co**y idea). Guys, this is absolutely my own experience and now my search revenue increase 10 times better than before, please follow the below procedure to implement the Google custom search results page with WordPress, don’t worry it will be mostly similar with all types of CMS’s and the custom made pages.

How to Create a Google Custom Search Results page:

First you need to know how to create a custom page in WordPress, I don’t want to go deep in to that, so refer this article, if you don’t know how to create a custom page templete in WordPress. You can also use your Full page width already designed custom page template to do this.

  • First create a page with already created or existed custom page template which has full width option.
  • For example, you can use page name like mine as “Search”, so your URL will be, this is very important, copy this URL.
  • Now go to Adsense > go to “My Ads” > Click on “Custom Search Engine” > Now click on “New Custom Search engine”.
  • Fill up the complete form as per your information, now directly go “Search results” section, which is exactly down to “Ad styles” section.
  • After opening the search results section, you will see something like this in the image…

Google side configuration for custom search pageSelect “on my website using iframe”, now provide your search page URL there, once done click on “Save and Get Code”.

  • When you click on get code, it will gives you two codes (some times it may be three in case if you selected top 10 popular queries, you can ignore that code).
  • First code is for “Search box”, you can insert this code wherever you want to show the search box.
  • Second code is of search results page code, you have to copy this code to the custom page template you made or if you already have a full width page simply open your WordPress page editor and go HTML section paste in to “search” page and save.
  • You are done, it will take 10 to 15 minutes show for the first time, so don’t panic.
Google Custom Search Engine

This is how you can create your own Google custom search results page, with which you can get more revenues from your Adsense account. Please let me know if you face any kind of difficulties or issues in the comments section below. If you have any specific question please ask us at our SEO forum.

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