How to identify causes of Pagerank Drop ?

Pagerank, really a very popular term known to most of the webmasters in the world. What is so special about it?, obviously you know that. But after sometimes now Google is trying ignore the pagerank factor, however still some webmasters believe that Pagerank has some link with SERP rankings, recently Google also admitted that but it says that the effect is just minor. Now the question is, what are the causes of having pagerank drop?.

It has several reasons for this kind of activity, Google might consider that your website has huge backlinks (it will be considered as the violation of Google’s T&C). And also this might cause due to low quality backlinks and weak internal linking. Want to know more of the causes of the Pagerank drop, check this video by Google, where Google’s senior engineer explained about the whole process.

pagerank drop

Identify Causes of Pagerank drop:

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