5 Common SEO Mistakes – by Google

Webmasters often used to do mistakes on SEO, in the world of SEO every little thing matters, because competition is heavy and if you want to stand out in the competition, then you should be careful about everything. I suggest every webmaster to keep track on what is going on with search engines, you need to follow their blogs for the latest updates from them, for example Google’s webmasters blog. Here you find a lot of useful information to improve your website rankings.

Check out these below 5 common SEO mistakes given by Google, which really worth of having a look at them.
seo mistakes

SEO Mistakes – Google:

1. Having no value proposition: Try not to assume that a site should rank #1 without knowing why it’s helpful to searchers (and better than the competition :)

2. Segmented approach: Be wary of setting SEO-related goals without making sure they’re aligned with your company’s overall objectives and the goals of other departments. For example, in tandem with your work optimizing product pages (and the full user experience once they come to your site), also contribute your expertise to your Marketing team’s upcoming campaign. So if Marketing is launching new videos or a more interactive site, be sure that searchers can find their content, too.

3. Time-consuming workarounds: Avoid implementing a hack rather than researching new features or best practices that could simplify development (e.g., changing the timestamp on an updated URL so it’s crawled more quickly instead of easily submitting the URL through Fetch as Google-bot).

4. Caught in SEO trends: Consider spending less time obsessing about the latest “trick” to boost your rankings and instead focus on the fundamental tasks/efforts that will bring lasting visitors.

5. Slow iteration: Aim to be agile rather than promote an environment where the infrastructure and/or processes make improving your site, or even testing possible improvements, difficult.

These are really some great insights for every webmasters to understand about the common SEO mistakes, please do drop your comments on this post, if you have any specific questions please ask us at our SEO forum.

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