Invite All your Facebook Friends to An Event – Hack

Facebook is the best and easiest way to connect with friends, but recently after a huge boom of social network sites, now Facebook is restricting people from sending out the notifications in order to avoid the SPAM issues, it is restricting the event notifications to all your friends at once. It has certain restriction around 30 to 40 friends in a day (Not sure exactly). For example if you have 3000 friends in your Facebook account then how can you send that event notification or other things.


Now the only solution is, we have to hack the Facebook restriction, don’t worry it isn’t illegal or offence. It is just a simple JavaScript code which can done this task for you. It removes the restriction from your Facebook account for that instance. (Not for all the time, whenever you want this, you have to run this code).

Invite All Facebook Friends Hack :

To use this hack all you have to do is while selecting the Facebook friends just paste this below code in to the browsers address bar and hit ENTER.

friends invite hack facebook

Now a popup box will appear with a success message, once you got this click OK. And now you can keep selecting all your friends.

javascript:var x=document.getElementsByTagName(“input”);for(var i=0;i<x.length;i++) {if (x[i].type == ‘checkbox’) {x[i].click();}}; alert(‘Done: please scroll and repeat until all your friends have been selected’);

The notification will be send to all your friends. So tell me how is this hack in the comments section below.

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  1. the hack does not work, it takes the browser to google search now.

    like all the other hacks out there

  2. GarryLachman says:

    Facebook Invite Them All for Chrome.
    Invite all your friends to Events, Pages & Apps.  Just open the invite window & click on the icon on the bar
 Have Fun

  3. I got u

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