Find Invisible Friends on Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger can set your status to invisible to avoid people from irritating you. But still you can see who is online, this is really a good feature, but in-case if your friend is trying to hide from you, he can easily kept his status as Invisible. Then how-to find that he is in invisible mode, there are lots of ways where you can find your friends visibility status. But most of them are paid services, and some of them are need to be installed in your system.

In my opinion that is all crap and wasting money with system resources, you have plenty of tools available for free to do this job, you can find your friends status like Online, Offline or Invisible. Here I am giving a list of working sites which can do this job for free.

yahoo invisible finder

Find Invisible Yahoo Users:

These are the websites which provide you this facility to find the invisible status of Yahoo messenger user, please let me know if you have any better online tools which can do the same.

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  1. The problem about all invisible finders is recently all of them show the invisible as offline so you cant find out if someone is invisible or offline. How this problem can be solved?

  2. shiva try using the detection on the site is very stable and since i found this website

    i totally rely on it to detect invisible users.

  3. well i tried using sadsac recommendation the detection is also the same as in Invisible it still shows offline . i did a couple of tries.
    any other recommendation

  4. i am using the latest yahoo version 11 ..

  5. I noticed when using the new version of Yahoo ver. 11 if you are on invisible mode it will appear offline…. i guess they need update or create a new version that can detect the latest messenger…

  6. this site it’s the bi best:

  7. i think YM has upgraded their protocol . so invi can’t b detected . u can check now.

  8. was a good and stable site but now it doesn’t open at all!

  9. not work !!

  10. Nargess1353 says:


  11. There are many websites that detect who is invisible but i-m always using Works perfect every time.

  12. Try it’s better

  13. Craig Stadler says:

    This may not be completely related others may find this worthwhile. is an instant messenger search that allows you to search shared interests and see who is online.

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