IT Executives! Tutorials to Manage Processes During “COST-CUTTING” Times

While searching around the web, I came across with this below thing, it is about or for IT executives, employees and employers, I think everybody can learn from this, thisĀ  book is named as “7 great tips for Software Professionals“, written by Jurgen Appelo. This e-book explains the below things…

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7 Great Tips for Software Professionals:

1. Motivate Yourself
The 16 Basic Desires That Motivate Our Actions
and Define Our Personalities. Refer “Self-Determination Theory” and 10 Intrinsic Desires.

2. Direct Yourself
How To Write your Goals – Keep It Simple – Goal Checklist – Examples – Management by Objectives – Eliminate MBO

3. Organize Yourself
Self-organization is a process of attraction and repulsion in which the INTERNAL ORGANIZATION of a system increases in complexity WITHOUT BEING GUIDED or MANAGED by an outside source.

4. Measure Yourself
What You Measure Is What You Get or What Gets Measured Gets Managed.

5. Connect Yourself
Engineers are roughly 5 times more likely to turn to a person for information as to an impersonal source such as a database.

6. Empower Yourself
Example through Delegation

7. Improve Yourself
We adapt, explore and anticipate to achieve MORE and to work SMARTER.

The 7 Duties of Great Software Professionals

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