Speed Up Your Website and Get Optimized in Search Results

Speed up Website is a very important task, because search engines strictly penalizing the slow loading websites in their search results, even it looks bad for your visitors also, slow loading websites will be ignored by the visitors, in this tutorial let us discuss about how-to speed up your website and get optimized for search engine results page ( SERP ). Now speed of the website is also considered in the search rankings, this is because all the search engines decided to give a best search experience to their visitors by showing faster loading websites.speed-up-website

To speed up the site we need to work on many things like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Images etc. I will tell you how you can work with them, you don’t need to be a pro blogger or a designer, it is very easy yet risky also, so be careful before doing something. Take a full backup of your website content and the database. Let’s kick your website like a pinball game :D and improve your website SEO rankings.

Tips to Speed up a Website :

  • Caching is a popular technology and best method adopted by many popular websites to speed up the loading process. If you are a WordPress user the learn more about Speed up WordPress blog.
  • Compressed images will also reduce the loading time, use Smushit to compress your images, this will removes unnecessary data from the images and makes it smaller.
  • Paralallize your downloads across host-names, this will also improves your performance, you can say this as CDN. Host your Javascript and CSS files there, it will paralallize theĀ  downloads automatically.
  • Try to compress your JavaScript files using any JavaScript Compression Application.
  • Use CSS Sprites to avoid multiple downloads across host names, CSS sprites is a best technique which minifies the http requests by combining the static images in to one image.
  • Correct your HTML and XHTML errors, this will also affects your website speed.
  • Use Gzip compression method to even reduce the content to the least levels, Gzip compression is the best way to make a compressed website, this is the best use of using Apache server.
  • HTML minification is also another reason, you can compress your website HTML using any HTML compressor.
  • Minimize redirects, this will commonly happen when you use PHP.
  • Put CSS in the document head, means always put your CSS at the beginning of the header of each web page.
  • Specify a ” Vary: Accept Encoding header ” in your .htaccess file.
  • Avoid using @import in the beginning of the CSS.
  • Combine external JavaScripts, and combine the CSS. This will decrease the HTTP requests.

This is a basic tutorial on how-to speed up a website to meet good rankings in SERP’s. Let me know your comments and suggestions.

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