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Search Engine Optimize works with different type of factors, Keyword is one of the important factor which affects your ranking and position in the SERP, using a proper keyword in a proper prominence, density, proximity and frequency is very important or else your website may be declared as a SPAM, this will result in the form of website indexability issues. Using a proper method while creating a web page can prevent this kind of issues, but you must be careful!, after all this is your website life and indexing question ;).

You must be cautious while writing a post or creating web page, you need to obey and follow some rules or else you will have to bear the consequences. If you don’t want your website to be get penalized by search engines use this below SEO tips.on-page SEO

Your purpose should be keyword-focused content which is intelligent approach. This text must be fully optimized for particular keywords. Further you’ll find the principles of “focused optimization”. Such content reads naturally as well but has higher chance of success.

Keyword Prominence :

Keyword Prominence is an important thing in the on-page optimization, prominence is a measure of keyword importance that indicates how close a keyword is to the beginning of the analyzed page area. If a word is used at the starting of the title, headings, or close to the beginning of the visible text of the page, it is considered more important than other words. Keyword prominence is calculated separately for each important page area.

Let us take an example as the key phrase is “SEO Tips” and look at the below examples of possible titles we could give to our pages:

  1. Tips for SEO –
  2. SEO tips –

See the above two examples, there you can find the different keyword prominence like…

In the first sentence the KP should be 70%, where as in the second section the prominence should be 100%. So i hope now you understand the concept.. now let’s move to the Keyword density.

Keyword density / Keyword Weight:

These two parameters are used as synonyms, but there is a slight mathematical difference is there between them. The results on the search engine result page (SERP) are ranked in part based on the percentage of words on a page that are similar to the words used in the query.

What is Keyword Stuffing ? :

Artificial inflation of keyword density is called as Keyword Stuffing and it will be considered as SPAM by all search engines.

How to Calculate the Keyword Density :

Density is calculated as the several words in the key phrase multiplied by frequency and divided by the total number of words (including with the keyword), As the proportion of the keywords to all words becomes larger.

Let us take an example that you are optimizing a page for “ Search Engine Optimization Tips “.

  1. : Search Engine Optimization Tips
  2. is a community blog for webmasters to help in Search Engine Optimization tips.

In the above examples, first title is more profitable than the second one, because in the first title approaches 70% density where as in the second one it is just 40%. The recommended density for body text is 3-7% for each keyword you optimize for that page, remember that each page should generally be optimized for no more than three keywords or phrases ( excluding stop words).

Keyword Frequency :

Frequency is the number of times your keyword is used in the analyzed area of a page. It does not depend on the total number of words on your web page, it’s an absolute count. If you repeat your key phrase 5 times, your frequency will be 5, whether your page has 5,000 words or only these keywords 5 times and nothing more.

Search engines use frequency as another measure of keyword importance. Pages with more keywords will be rated as more relevant results, but using more keywords will be considered as keyword stuffing.

Keyword Proximity :

Keyword proximity refers to how close keywords that make up your key phrase are to each other, try to put your keywords as close together as possible and make sure your sentences are clear. The logic of the search engine is such that if the words follow each other as they are typed in the search box, chances are these words are relevant.

If they all appear in one paragraph, then the page is possibly relevant. The use of this is perhaps most obvious with Google due to the way they usually give a description.

You have learned about ” what is Keyword Prominence, Density, Proximity and Frequency ?“. If you have any questions, suggestions or doubts please let me know in the comments section below.

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