fb.com – Facebook’s new E-mail Service

Facebook has officially announced that it’s going to launch the E-mail service, this is really an interesting news because Facebook has a huge user database and fan base with its Social Networking site facebook.com. So now Facebook officially announced this news that it has acquired the fb.com ( Present this domain is redirecting Facebook.com only ) domain. And it is going to start the E-mail service under this domain.fb.com facebook new email service

But the question is will the internet user accept this new rival ?, because already we have enough giants in the E-mail services, we have to see whether how this new E-mail service is going to run. But most of the guru’s expecting that it may be the just modification of the personal message page…

But nobody knows that when this new E-mail service is going to be start…. Let us wait and see. Tell me you comments about fb.com e-mail service, do you think people will welcome this new service from Facebook in the comment section below.

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