How to Activate Gmail Mail Alerts on Mobile Phone

Gmail is the most and fastest growing mail service without any doubt,with all its Lab features and its mode of security,But there is still some features Google can’t provide like Yahoo Services.Its clearly SMS service and Mail Alerts on Mobile Phone.

But its really a sad news for all the Gmail lovers because it is not providing the Mail alerts on mobile,where Yahoo already giving the same service for its users.To get mail alerts on mobile we need to depends on third party sites,which is offering the services for the Premium price.Still there is no service which offers directly  Gmail mail alerts on mobile For free.

But after a small search I got a service with which we can trick Gmail to get Mail Alerts on Mobile.This is actually a SMS service which offers web based SMS,So to get mail alerts on Mobile phone follow this bellow procedure….

Procedure To Get Gmail mail Alerts on Mobile  :

1) First Sign up an account with , its a free web based SMS service.You need to SignUp with your mobile phone,its absolutely free.

2) After SignUp you will get a confirmation code on the Mobile to Prove your Authentication,If you verify the code your account will be activated.

3) Now just SignIn to your account in and after Sign In,Go to Mail section and there you will find select a username for way2sms Account,its actually Username of way2sms Email,after choosing the Username,now Go to Gmail section and Provide your Gmail account Username and Password.

4) After that Go to Mail Alerts Section,which is just located besides,see the bellow image.And there is an option called as Activate the Mail Alerts.Just click on Activate button to Activate the Mail alerts on your Mobile phone.

5) After that this is the final Step,now Open your Gmail account,and Go to Settings  and select Forwarding and POP/IMAP ,now select Forward a Copy of Incoming Mail to option it is asking for the E-mail ID,now give the way2sms E-mail ID which we have created in the 3rd step and press OK.

6) Now it will send a Verification code to way2sms mail ID,just verify that code at Gmail that’s it.Your configuration is almost over,but if you want to specify particular timings to reach the SMS,then Go to way2sms account and go to Mail Alerts Section and  in the bellow section you will see an Option called Saved Preference and there just click on Modify link and select the best timings for you.

This is how we can trick Gmail to get Mail alerts on your Mobile Phone,not only this service you have many options like ibibo and Mobee and etc.So have fun guys…..Before leaving Don’t forget to Bookmark my website for the Future reference

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  1. thanks for the great info

  2. Its Works….Great……..Thanks
    ——————–Another Way ——————–
    Dear Friend, getting an alert on your mobile through an SMS when an email comes to your inbox is very convenient.
    You have to do a little to get that ABSOLUTELY FREE.

    First go to
    Create an id here if you do not have.
    Once registered login using the username and password.
    Click on the ‘Mail’ tab and create an email account there.
    Then goto the ‘Alert’ tab.
    You have to link your mobile with ibibo.To do it click on the ‘Link’, give your mobile number and verify your number by giving the verification code given by them as SMS.
    Then just ‘activate the mail alert’.
    Sign in to your email account such as gmail.
    If you want to get alerts for all mails just forward all the mails to your ibibo id.
    Or go to ‘Settings -> Filters’ and setup a new filter to forward all the emails coming for a particular id to the ibibo email id.Inorder to get all mails from orkut give the from address as *
    Once this is setup when ever you receive a new mail it should come and fall in your ibibo mail box.
    Now you have done it.
    Till now you are going to get an SMS alert in your mobile with the subject whenever a mail comes.

    Rumit Shah

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  6. Here is a way of obtaining SMS alert from using Google Calendar

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