Hack Wireless LAN Network and Grab the Passwords – Man in Middle Attack

Hacking is passionate for every one,but doing it is not so easy.I already told you its a Step by Step Process,you have to learn a lot to do the things in the Cyber world.Anyway as I have announced the Ethical Hacking Sessions in my Blog,then this is the continuation part to the Ethical Hacking Sessions 4.

Here we are going to learn How To Hack a Wireless Network and Grab the Passwords of their mail’s Telnet sessions,FTP,HTTP and many more things.This is called “Man in the Middle Attack” .Man in the middle attack has been done by the help of a Sniffer.To day we are going Learn How to Implement a Sniffer in the LAN and Grab the Passwords and other information.Remember it is a Direct Hacking method.

First of all we need learn about What is sniffer ?.Sniffer is Tool which is used in Data Theft and Grabbing the private  information.For example in a Local LAN or WLAN, if we can implement a Sniffer on the LOCAL Gateway.Then you are ready to get all the traffic information including passwords,chats, ftp ,telnet sessions and many more things.

Please before going further,don’t implement these techniques on Public Network,always prefer to use LOCAL LAN’s or WLAN’s.And also don not use this Hacking Techniques anywhere for Commercial or illegal activities.This is only for Educational Purpose.

Tools To Implement a Sniffer on the Local LAN or WLAN :

To implement Man in the Middle attack we need some Applications like sniffer Tool, Packet analyzer, Network identifier.To get this Tools see the bellow list and Download the Applications from there.

1) Nmap      –  You can Download this from  nmap.org
2) Cain        –  It is a Sniffer tool with Lots of Scripts and Options.You can download this from www.oxid.it/cain.html.
3) Wireshark Network Analyzer     –  Network Packet Analyzer : Download at  http://www.wireshark.org/download.html .

After downloading these applications you are ready to Hack your LAN or WLAN.In this tutorial we are majorly using Cain-Sniffer.

How To Implement Man in the Middle attack using Sniffer :

To implement Man in the Middle Attack using Sniffer, we need to follow a Step by step Procedure,please do not use this attack on the Public Network it will become a big Cyber crime.This tutorial is only for educational purpose,Do not use this Hacking tricks in any other illegal purposes.

1) First know your IP address,to see your IP details in the command Prompt type ipconfig /all .You will see the complete IP address,Gateway,DNS etc,note them all.

2) After that now the real part will Start,just Open Cain Sniffer which is on your desktop or in Start menu.It will Look like the bellow image. Now click on the Start sniffer Icon in the Cain,Please see the bellow.After that A pop up will appear which ask you to choose the Network Adapter.Just choose it and Press Apply and OK.

3) Now again Click on the Start Sniffer Button,now the sniffer will be Started,this time Sniffer will activate and you will see your Internal LAN gateway.It indicates that your Sniffer is activated.Now Right Click the idle space and you will see an Option called as Scan MAC Addresses .Just click on it,so this time it will Start scanning of MAC addresses and live IP’s.see the bellow Image.

4) After that you will get the entire IP’s which are alive in your LAN or WLAN,so now you need to select the Target IP,After choosing the Target its time to Prepare the attack,So now in the bellow section you will see ARP, in this ARP section you will get two columns.Now click in the Free space and after that you will see a “+ ” indication in the above of Selection Tools.

5) Now just click on the same Add button,now a new Window will appear with all the IP’s which will displayed is the results of first Scanning process,you will see Both sides same IP Addresses,but in the left side you need to Choose your Gateway,for example if your IP is,then you gateway will be,see the bellow image,after choosing the Gateway in the right side section you need to choose target IP,after that press OK.Please see the bellow image for Help……

So after selecting the Target and gateway,we need to Start Poisoning the target IP address,To poisoning it Click Poisoning button which will appear in the Yellow color.See the bellow image.This will start the Poisoning of the target IP.Now you will get each and every information about that IP address.You will get his Mail Passwords ( Except SSL Protected),Telnet Sessions,Browsing URL’s almost every Data.

So see the Passwords and Telnet Sessions,in the bellow of this Tool you will see a Section called Passwords in which we can get the entire information send from that Target IP.

So this is the use of Cain Sniffer,but you may ask why to Download,Nmap and Wireshark Network Analyzer ?.So Nmap is to find the HostName and Mac Addresses of you IP’s in your LAN.
And Wireshark is to Analyze the Packets,with this tool we can analyze each packet send by the Target IP.All you have to do is just Run the Wireshark while Using Cain Sniffer.So it will show you each and every packet and its information.

So this is the Entire Hacking Tutorial for Local Area Network,and also Wireless Network,But actually we called it as a Man in the Middle Attack.This tutorial is a Direct hacking method so please do not use this on any Public Nework or else you will get caught simply.

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    But I’m afraid I can’t comment nicely but have a small problem, about 3 weeks ago my wlan connection to a public network (a hotel) works just fine, but now suddenly the signal is disappear and the smaller ssid’s derivative from the main signal (looks like numbers of hotel room) not disappeared but I couldn’t connect to any of them.

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