How to Completely Index Your Website to Search Engine – SEO Tips is also another Search Engine giant according to Marketing Strategies,If you want to boost or increase your Website visitors, there is only better solution is to Submit your website to Search engines,if you use correct techniques to Submit your Website to Search engines,then you will get the success in the web industry.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential thing for the websites and blogs,then how to Perfectly Submit your website to have already posted how to submit your website to, and many more Search engine Optimization tricks,Please refer the links for them.

To Submit a website we need to Prepare some essential things,and follow a procedure.Please follow the bellow steps one by one this will really works like a charm.

Steps and Procedure to Submit Your Website to Search engine :

1) First you need to have a Feedburner feed,if you don’t have create one at

2) Now you have a Feed URL for your Website.Feedburner is a fantastic Web application which makes your website more user friendly.So it is very important to have a Feed URL.Your Feed URL look like this

3) Now Open this URL

4) Now you will see a Web page like the bellow image,with URL submission option,in that bellow URL field give your Feed url, which looks like this

5) You can also type your Hoe page Address there.Now hit Enter,your website has been submitted to .

6) Wait still the process is not completed,now the real work starts here,you have to submit your site map in the Bing Webmaster Central which is similar to Google Webmaster central.

7) Open this URL and sign in with or account.

8) After sign in you will see a for like bellow image,and fill all the fields and don’t forget to give the Feed URL and Submit.

9) Now you will see a piece of code for the verification of your ownership.If you are a blogger or even a website owner always use Meta Tag Verification.It is simple and easy.See the bellow image.

10) Copy the Meta tag Code and Paste it in between your Header Tag  <head> </head>.And save the Template.

11) Now just refresh the Bing Webmaster Central page,your site is verified and it will be crawled automatically every time you update.

So this is how we have to Submit our website to the Search Engines,we must follow an order to achieve Good ranking in search engines.

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    Definitely one of the better which you 've posted on this blog.Keep up the good work!

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  2. Arafath says:

    Thank You Mr.Prasen Dutta, Glad to have a Visitor like you,I will post a lot about SEO in future,Thanks again for your Cheering Comment

  3. Great info! Do we have to keep the Bing verification file on our FTP server (or meta tag code) on our site forever or can we take it off once Bing verifies ownership?

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