Why is so much Panic around after Penguin 2.0 Update?

Google Penguin 2.0 update officially rolled out on May 22nd, 2013, already there is been a rumor on this update from past few weeks earlier, everyone (everyone?) is really excited and some (lot of) are really scared. At last, Google hit the panic button and boom, a huge algorithm update has been rolled out, which […]

Bigrock vs Hostocol – A perfect and Worthy Indian Oponent Unveiled

The web hosting industry is evaluating itself everyday to deliver the best, also competition in the web hosting industry becomes higher and higher. But you should be wise in a situation like this to choose the best company, because your whole business simply rely on it. There are so many big players in India too, […]

How Google’s Design is Dictated by Dollars?

How does Google afford to provide a free search service to the public?  Due to its popularity, Google allows users to search free while charging advertisers fees for increased exposure.  Before, it was easy for users to decipher between paid and organic listings.  Users assumed organic listings were based on Google’s complex algorithm, presenting searchers […]

How to Submit a Successful Reconsideration Request to Google? [Infographic]

Ever since Google announced that they would accept reconsideration requests from webmasters, the SEO world has had a number of unanswered questions, including: Should I submit a reconsideration request for a manual or algorithmic penalty? How do I prepare for my request? Should I disavow my links before or after I submit my request? What […]

How to track Complete Mobile Performance of your Website Using your Google Analytics Custom Report?

People think why waste time on measuring or analyzing the things, all you need is traffic and sales. If that is your state of mind right now, then get ready to screw up your self in a couple of years. You are rightfully written a will to go down yourself, because you will never understand […]

Having SSL Enabled Pages will Increase SEO Ranking?

This is obviously a very common question of lot of webmasters, few people think that having a SSL enabled pages will increase their SEO rankings, will it?. Well, it is very easy topic to understand that Google or any other search engines decide their rankings based on web pages not based on HTTP or HTTPS […]

Conversion Rate Optimization – SEO Case Study of OLX.COM

OLX is one of the most popular classified websites brand in the world. They are famous with their TV ads and display network ads. Aren’t you interested to know how did they reached to such a great level, if you are a webmaster who runs a shopping cart type website, then you probably heard a […]

The Impact of SEO Training on the Future of SEO

There has been a lot of speculation about the scope of SEO in 2013. A lot of things have happened in the field of SEO in the recent past and this is only expected to continue in the future. So what’s new about SEO in the future? We need to keep ourselves updated with the […]

Optimizing Apache for Better Performance and Reduce RAM Usage

Server performance and website speed is almost everything now, the recent revealed Google Panda ranking signals sheet also indicates that website speed is considered as the first preference in the rankings. Apache has great features and strong development and support base, but the problem with Apache is consuming of memory, it will suck the entire […]

Few Facts about Google Adsense before you Step In

Are you a webmaster or want to become one in future, then probably let me guess what your plans are.. You want to start a blog and earn from Google Adsense, this is obviously the same idea of 70% bloggers, but the real question is that, how many bloggers earning properly from Adsense or any […]